Alex is a
generalist developer, apprentice designer and mobile developer.
located in Brazil

I have developed software for navy, banks, academia. Worked with so many languages like C++ (for many years), Java, Javascript and so on. Databases, data interchage formats. Focused on mobile development and IoT. And now learning the language of the web, this knowledge is materialized in this site. I hope you enjoy.

To create great projects I adopt these 3 steps in a continuous loop. Until project is done I believe in a continuous interaction with my clients.


Talking with clients is essential to understand their expectations. This ensures alignment of project and what really needs to be done.


Each project is unique. To create a cool project a well designed interface needs to be built to reflect clients needs.

Code &

The effective use of chosen technologies to build and assembly the project. Any techonology must be imposed but discused.

Thank you for your interest. If you like my work and want to start a project with me, tell me your needs filling the form or use the options below.